16 April 2015

There is a rally being held in front of the legislature building in Fredericton, New Brunswick on Friday May 8th at 11AM to oppose the current state of bilingualism and duality in New Brunswick. The rally is being coordinated by the group ERNBA (Equal Rights for New Brunswick Anglophones). Many groups within the province will […] Read more

Segregation in New Brunswick

27 March 2015

To the Editor….. In December 1955 in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa Parks a middle aged African American woman defied segregationist policies and refused to go to the back of the bus and give up her seat to a white passenger. Her defiance was the start of a cataclysmic change of events that has forever changed race […] Read more

Notwithstanding Clause

3 March 2015

Due to an ever increasing number of New Brunswickers futures being affected by legislated bilingualism it has once again become a serious topic of discussion. Since many have learned that it is useless to rely on their elected representatives for information or action, they have turned to Facebook and other electronic media to express their […] Read more

Thank-you Mayor Woodside!

3 March 2015

Thank you, Mayor Brad Woodside for having the backbone to ask the question that our elected representatives continually hide from.  Whenever they dare to raise the subject they are severely reprimanded. When was FREE SPEECH removed from our Charter of Rights and Freedoms? In a democracy our MLAs should have the right to introduce and […] Read more

STOP Forced Bilingualism to Balance the Provincial Budget

19 January 2015

If this new government is serious about reducing the provincial deficit as they tell New Brunswickers... Read more

“Village Historique Acadien” gets $300,000.00 Increase In Funding

4 December 2014

While English historic sites are all but ignored the french get more and more of our hard earned money to promote their causes... Read more

Quebecer Complains About “Lack of French Signage in New Brunswick”

4 December 2014

In response to an October 2nd letter to the editor published in the Daily Gleaner and the Telegraph Journal entitled "No Respect for Paying Customers" penned by Paul Arsenault of Quebec... Read more

L’Acadie Nouvelle reports “ACADIANS IN POWER”

1 December 2014

Alarmingly the governing Liberals now have 16 francophone MLAs and 10 Anglophone... Read more


1 December 2014

WARNING against making financially irresponsible election promises.... Read more

Mourning the passing of Matthew (Matt) David Glenn 1932 – 2014

17 February 2014

We will all miss Matt's crazy truck with the Anglo flags flying, his strong voice for the English speaking people of this province and mostly for his huge heart.. Read more

Bilingualism…Why NB Cannot Attract New Businesses

19 November 2013

Small businesses cannot be profitable with the added costs of forced bilingualism... Read more

Bilingualism a Curse of a Society

7 October 2013

Forced bilingualism is causing the exodus of our work force Read more